What equipment do you use?











Actually it is not a question that comes up much – but some techy types like to know this sort of thing. For most other photography jobs it is not discussed but for reassurance that the customer’s money is being well spent and that standards are going to be high - here is a list of camera equipment that I am currently using.


The main camera is a Nikon D750, which comes with 4 Nikon lenses which are; 14-24mm lens f2,8; 50mm lens f1.8; 24-70mm lens f2.8; and the 70-200mm lens f2.8 (I also have the 200mm – 500mm but I don’t really use that for weddings). This comes with a Nikon SB-800 flashgun, tripod and all the appropriate amount of batteries, spare batteries and memory cards. Most of this can be carried in one large bag and I can confirm that it is heavy! I also have a back-up camera and other lenses for emergencies. Not forgetting of course, the drone which I can use weather permitting, which is a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and this is also packed away in an equally large and heavy bag.

Suffice to say that photography equipment is pretty amazing and is ideal for wedding work and if the photographer is looking weary through the day, it is likely to be the effects of the weight of the cameras, rather than any fizz that he will not have taken anyway!