What style of photography do you do?

In the main it is a photo-journalistic/documentary style (also known as reportage) – but it ties in a bit of the Traditional Style too – with posed groups, but of course it depends on what the brief is. I am hired for 2 hours, 4 hour or 8 hours, so it is normally documenting what takes part during this time-span. So it could be the ceremony, guests, posed groups, cake-cutting etc – making a narrative story out of the wedding by capturing natural and honest moments rather than set-up poses. This method is more about about observation, anticipation and spontaneity – and the more experienced photographer can pick out the detail very well. Whatever is agreed with the customer in advance verbally and in writing within the contract. Of course I add in what I see on the day and weather can alter events/timings which need to be adjusted for.









The Traditional Style – is where the wedding photographer will provide you with well-lit, classic wedding portraits. The majority of this work will feature posed images of the couple and their loved ones. As a result fewer wedding day details may be recorded whilst the focus will be more on traditional images of the people at your wedding. Traditional wedding photography is also likely to provide fewer candid moments.




For Artistic or Stylised photography (also known as contemporary) – this can be much more time consuming and requires more allocated time with just the photographer. Because of the nature of the type of weddings that I do in the Scottish Borders which are mostly wedding groups that want to spend time with their family and loved ones – we crack on and get through the photographs in the natural flow of the wedding. To get these amazing stylised shots the photographer will need “access all areas” and be allowed to take the wedding couple away from the wedding for longer than normal. The photographer really needs to understand the wedding couple's personality and image goals and if everyone is on the same track it can create outstanding images of the wedding day. Much more time will be required in pre-planning and time is money as they say. I am happy to do this – but all parties must be aware of the time involved to achieve these results.