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Cleaner air – a by-product of Covid-19

Our philosophy in this Covid-19 crisis seems truer than we ever intended with everything that is going on at the moment. “Grown not flown” and “Keep it local” are just a couple of the tag lines that we adhere to and use in our marketing.

At Petals and Pixels we have never liked the mass production within the flower industry, the excessive use of peat, water, air miles and freight on the road. We believe it is not good for the planet and by keeping it local you get a better quality of product and it is better for the area. Covid-19 is a scary horrible disease and all these lock-downs are in place for everyone’s protection and to minimise the peaks within the NHS. To flatten the curve as the politicians say but it has also had another impact which is being recorded.

The lock-downs, with everyone staying at home, with minimal freight and passenger travel on the ground and in the air has meant air quality levels are reaching levels that have not been recorded in centuries. Venice with no tourists and lack of shipping has meant that dolphins are appearing in the canals due to the cleaner water. The canals are not murky and the air is so much cleaner.

Presumably after all this is over – all the industries will want to get back to business, but we believe that the attitude of the world will have changed. Whilst the climate change activists have been seen as a bit loony over the years, this Covid-19 will be seen as a warning sign that we as a planet need to make changes for the health of the planet and its people. At Petals and Pixels we will continue to champion growing locally – and whilst we look forward to the return of wedding and events again in late 2020/early 2021 – enjoy all that fresh air, and do wonder why it is there and how you can keep it.

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