• Antony Sherlock

Keeping it local

If it is one thing that we have discovered here at Petals and Pixels during this Covid-19 pandemic is that to get on with life and business in general – we have had to keep it local. Shopping is no longer trips to the supermarket to buy excessively packaged air-freighted unseasonal vegetables – we go to our local farm shop or local fruit and veg place and buy what is in season and fresh.

Not sure why we didn’t do this before! The same applies for any meat we go to the butchers or local farm shop, bakery products the bakers and for flour and oatmeal there is a local heritage miller that supplies these local shops. What we have discovered is that there are other ways rather than supermarkets – and suffice to say these are better ways for us, our health and the health of the planet.

In our smallholding where we grow our cut flowers from seed each year I also grow veg and have a flock of hens, which include rare breeds, so we are self-sufficient in eggs at the very least. Once the wedding market in the Scottish Borders opens up again later in 2020 – and you get to the stage of hiring a local photographer and florist – maybe now is the time to do your bit for the planet too and keep it local.

Petals and Pixels - for wedding flowers and photography in the Scottish Borders.

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