• Antony Sherlock

Free Photography for couples

With the likelihood that the lockdown in Scotland is going to be eased shortly but with large gathering and weddings not likely to go ahead for some time yet – it leaves florists and photographers still waiting for business. So on that basis for the next few months (June, July, August 2020), Petals and Pixels are offering free outdoor photo-shoots for a bridal shoot, engaged couples or wedding couples. Other set-ups may be available on request.

These would be outdoors in a mutually convenient public space outside within a 20 mile radius of Lauder (give or take). Social distancing would be respected and the agreed shots of the chosen poses would be available free of charge to the couple or individual.

If anyone is interested in taking up this offer in the next few months please get in touch at or by phone or through the website at Petals and Pixels and subject to availability and weather - we will get some photographs taken.

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