• Antony Sherlock

Going wild about flowers

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

May is such a life-enhancing month when a vivid burst of flowers can pop up seemingly overnight and provide the most beautiful array of colours. This can be in the garden or in the hedgerow and it seems such a waste that they are not enjoyed by a wider audience.

The hedgerow at this time of year can include Red Campion which ranges in colour from a delicate pink to a dusky red and offsets nicely with the blue of the Bluebells. Another foraging favourite is Wild Garlic which in effect is a smaller white Allium that provides good green foliage as well as a hint of garlic in the air.

Getting flowers ready for the table is a joy and one that at Petals and Pixels we always relish at the start of the flower season. Whatever your requests for colour, style and volume – we will deliver to the brief on request. Contact Deborah today to discuss further….

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