• Antony Sherlock

Petals appearing in spring

March is that time of year when you are pretty sure spring is just round the corner. Brexit may or may not happen, but spring is a certainty! In the various greenhouses at “Petals and Pixels” we are accelerating the growing process and there is a lot of young growth.

Looking at the Sweet Peas and the Queen Anne’s Lace everything looks nice and healthy in the greenhouses and whilst we still have frosty nights and no doubt some snow still to me – we seem to have got a good start so far to the growing season. Long may that continue.

We had a little hiccup when the mouse population decided that the young shoots were the ideal winter foodstuff, but with the some re-seeding we are back on track. Any hens thinking they are coming in to peck at the green shoots – they can forget it!

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