• Antony Sherlock

Sowing the seed for success

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Planning ahead is an all year round process to get the plants that we want to be available for use next year - which is why we plant from seed now in October. In particular Hardy Annual plants will now by dying off and they need to be re-sown if they are to grow next year.

Sweet peas for example are a great favourite and can be started now or at the start of next year. These fragrant blooms make superb cut flowers for all occasions and are hugely popular for weddings. Sweet Peas came to the UK in the 17th century from Italy, but soon became a staple for country cottage gardens and they are seen as quintessentially British! Ideal from May onwards these continue to be popular with florists across the UK.

For those who have got in touch for weddings for next year we can start sowing your seeds now and get those plants ready for your event. We can literally watch your plants grow and monitor the progress throughout. With the uncertainty of Brexit at least that is one thing on your list you do not need to worry about. Maybe we should get a webcam so you can see the progress too! Anyway for a successful year ahead next year has already started at the nursery.

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