• Antony Sherlock

The enquiry form is a means to a start

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Looking at the current crop of enquiries for wedding flower requests – the pattern always remains relatively constrained at the initial enquiry stage. Theme is “X”; we only want “Y”; has to be non-pollen; the budget is “Z”. Of course there are variations but the theme remains narrow.

As a florist we will of course stick to the agreed brief but at the outset we like to be expansive and then narrow down your selection before finding the most fabulous flowers that are going to be perfect for your wedding. Hydrangeas are good for non-pollen as their pollen is sticky and does not get into the air easily, unlike Elderflower. Enquiry forms are a starting point rather than a completed sentence – and we love to talk flowers, so take advantage of this.

What is interesting so far is that we have very few people who are interested in the fact we grow our own flowers from seed and that there will be no air miles involved. Regardless, we believe this is the way forward - Scottish Borders flowers for Scottish Borders weddings. Let’s talk….

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