• Antony Sherlock

Will Brexit affect weddings in 2019?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Whilst the politicians continue to discuss what type of Brexit will happen, if it happens, it is certainly worth considering what affect this leaving process may have on the wedding market. I think it is safe to say that if Brexit does go ahead that it will affect the hospitality industry as changes are already happening.

Staffing, catering and flowers are three areas of the business that are likely to change in the coming years. The hospitality industry has relied so heavily on Europeans to staff hotels and restaurants that it will be very noticeable when they leave as they are currently doing so in droves. Who will pick up this slack is unknown. The next biggest threat is to the logistics chain and what will happen if additional tariffs are charged. How smoothly and efficient freight will flow is an unknown factor and no doubt there will be some issues here. As far as caterers and florists are concerned – how much they quote in advance may come with a “Brexit Caveat” as charges may be inflated.

There is no change forecast for a photographer as all the kit and time are unaffected, but you can understand why a florist will now plan ahead with their own growing programme due to this uncertainty, which is what we do at “Petals and Pixels”. As a business we hope to be as Brexit proof as we can be and that it is business as usual whatever happens with Brexit.

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